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Grandparent carers need changes in government policy.

In the lead up to the federal election we are pressing the government for a Grandparent Carer’s Subsidy to support all grandparent carers.


Grandparent carers need financial and personal support.

Grandparent carers are raising children that would otherwise be in the foster care system. For grandchildren to flourish, grandparent carers need the support to sustain them in their caring role.

How you can support a Grandparent Carer Subsidy

Add your voice to our campaign. This is an invitation to step up to create a fairer future for grandparent carers and their grandchildren.


Write to your local MPs to call for action for grandparent carers and their grandchildren.

Fill in our pre-drafted letter and press send. This will send your letter to your 55 state and federal MPs.

Three grandchildren playing on a playground slide smiling.
A grandmother navigating a computer with her granddaughter next to her and a GRGWA member assisting her.


Read the Fairer Future report.

The Fairer Future report was a partnership between WANSLEA, GRGWA, ECU and Curtin University. It was funded by Lotterywest and the lead researcher was Dr Katrina Stratton.


Why is this important?

Grandparent carers provide a stable home and research shows that grandchildren do much better in grandparent and kincare which benefits our whole community in the long-term.

Benefits of grandparent carers

  • Stable, loving and permanent environment
  • Continued family connections to history, culture and spirituality
  • Lessens trauma when placed with familiar people rather than a stranger
  • Increased positive behavioural outcomes
  • Less pressure on the foster care system and government resources

Struggles grandparent carers face

  • Physical health due to age
  • Limited support for legal and financial issues
  • Impact on relationships, mental health and identity
  • Difficulty navigating online systems
  • Raising some children with mental health issues due to previous trauma
  • Long, costly process to receive any benefits


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