Frequently Asked Quesions

GRGWA offers range of advice and support to its members.

As an example, as a grandcarer you may be concerned about issues surrounding custody or legal responsibilities that have arisen or which may arise in the future. This information is provided to help you identify the issues you need to consider and assess whether or not you should seek a legal solution.

Legal issues may include:
- making decisions about education, health and travel/passports
- financial matters including providing for the children now and in the future
- formalising your arrangement with the parents via a parenting plan
- whether court orders are needed to ensure that your grandchildren remain living with you
- how to start court proceedings and in which court
- how to deal with demands from the parents to change the current arrangements
- how to protect your grandchildren, and yourself from family violence or other risks.

We provide guidance, support and resources in these areas and more in our members section.

Our members section also includes a number of links to useful sites to expand your knowledge base and to provide increased support to GRGWA members.