Short History

GRGWA is a registered charity offering support services to grandparents who are raising their grandchildren on a full-time basis. There are many reasons why grandparents are raising grandchildren. It may be because of the death of a parent or that parents are not able to provide the social and emotional support for their children. Sadly in our community the increase abuse of alcohol and drugs has meant that children are being neglected and in some cases abused.

The support group formally known as Grandparents for Grandkids began in 2000 with four grandmothers and the help of a organization Meerilinga Family Centre in Woodvale. The first President was Bruce Horgan and as the group was getting more members Meerilinga relinquished their involvement so the group could run independently. In June 2002 the name was changed to GRANDPARENTS REARING GRANDCHILDREN WA INC.

We continue to offer support to Grandparents (who are full time carers and rearing their grandchildren) through a number of services which include liaison with Government Departments, information on counselling, childcare,vacation care,budgeting and financial advice, food relief assistance and limited Legal advice.

Our Organisation

Our Vision

To provide a supporting environment for grandparents raising grandchildren in a safe, secure and nurturing home

Our Purpose

To provide benevolent relief, respite and support services to grandparents rearing grandchildren, and to protect and promote the well-being and development of grandchildren in their care.

Our Values

- Family is everything
- Children are our future
- Knowledge is strength

Our Objectives

- To raise awareness of the advantages of grandparents acting as full-time caregivers when a child cannot be raised by their parents
- To achieve better life long outcomes for our children
- To support grandparents who are full-time caregivers to protect, care and provide support for their grandchildren
- To ensure that grandparents rearing grandchildren receive appropriate support and are enabled to act in the best interests of the children